BrandID® suite | solutions

Technology and data-led insights, media, and
Influencer Marketing solutions.

BrandID® insights

90% of your brand’s activity on YouTube is happening outside your official channel.
First party research on the trends, tentpoles and categories driving the video landscape.

Breakdown of your brands, categories, audiences and competitors

  • Emerging and established influential creators within the space

  • Content analysis: what audiences watch, create, and engage with

  • Analysis on the tentpoles driving YouTube

  • Best practice guidance on successful video and engagement strategies

  • Custom white papers on industry trends

BrandID® entertainment

The broadest range of premium produced entertainment
content on YouTube, available on reserve.

  • Reservable Inventory: run non-skippable: 15s and 30s pre-roll, with the ability to leverage VAST tags

  • Massive Scale: A Top 10 YouTube Comscore Property

  • OCR/DAR Compliant: Guarantee Your Key Demographic is Reached, As Verified By Nielsen

BrandID® influencers

A data driven approach to Influencer Marketing, identifying and activating
the most relevant influencers for campaign goals across every social platform.

We track over 10 billion engagements per day across platforms to identify the best influencers for your brand.

Our technology analyzes over 48 million influencer accounts based on real-time engagement, growth vs. other influencers, audience breakdown, and cross-platform success to ensure the most relevant influencers are selected for every campaign.