The TV-like ad solution for digital video.

Television’s massive reach and premium content...

… plus digital’s precise targeting and granular insights.

combines both.

BrandID® has packaged the best of digital video into easy-to-buy content segments, bringing TV-like contextual targeting to digital video.

Seasonal Events
Trends and Moments

Why BrandID® works

Like in broadcast, the video your consumer is watching is the best signal of what’s on their mind. BrandID® aligns the content of the ad with the content of the video, to deliver contextual relevancy at a massive scale. A 2016 quantitative study fielded by the IPG Media Lab revealed that aligning ads with relevant content has a huge impact on advertising effectiveness.

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TV-like Measurement

BrandID’s ability to deliver Incremental Gross Rating Points® and Nielsen DAR tracking ensure that you can measure your digital campaign’s audience delivery with same ease as TV campaign.

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