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Build the Future of Contextual Video Advertising

Zefr has reinvented contextual video advertising for some of the world’s biggest and most iconic brands, and we are looking for ambitious engineers who work collaboratively to drive dramatic change in an agile environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a recent grad, we’re seeking hardworking and talented professionals who love to solve interesting and challenging data problems while revolutionizing the global impact of the digital video ecosystem.

Engineering at Zefr

Our engineers are driven, passionate, curious, and creative. They have a track record of writing great code or building greatness into existing platforms. Their leadership and initiative are qualities that set them apart from the crowd. They easily build lasting relationships and friendships with people on their team. Their response to a challenging project is, “Let’s do this!”

Small-team Impact

We have a tightly knit group of the best engineers working in digital video who want to partner and learn from each other. The products we build are changing the future of contextual video advertising because it’s a world we’re building today. Zefr is leading a global movement that’s reshaping how we consume media.

Code Hard, Play Hard

We take our culture seriously. We’re never too cool for fog machines, lasers, karaoke, dress-up contests, fancy Friday, Uncrustables, snow cones, one-man bands, fire breathers, old-timey boxers, or sword swallowers. We try our best at softball, football, knockout, surfing, and paddle boarding. We watch movies and we make movies. We pride ourselves on our taste in film, music, TV shows, and sports. Because we love this stuff. We believe in the virtuous circle that connects fans and franchises for the good of all.

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