Adobe grows product awareness for its Photoshop Lightroom

Key Metrics

Ad Breakthrough, Shifts in Perceptions, Consumer Action


97.2% Lift


16.6% Lift


Adobe’s 4Q21 messaging introduced its less-adopted Photoshop Lightroom product to new audiences, positioning it in the consideration set of exposed viewers

The Adobe ads showcased the filters available in the Lightroom application to spark interest and encourage adoption of the brand’s creative suite. Sharing the before and after photo edit transformations drove research intent and improved brand perceptions.

97.2% Lift

in Product Awareness for Lightroom

16.6% Lift

in Consideration for Lightroom

31.5% Lift

in Agreement that Adobe "helps me bring to life the vision I had when I took the photo"

16.7% Lift

in Search Activity for "Lightroom"

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Leveraging Zefr’s contextual approach helped Adobe reach the right audience in the right mindset with relevant and engaging messaging, successfully moving the needle along the full funnel. The campaign not only grew Product Awareness, but it also saw down-funnel growth in Consideration Intent.

The campaign broke through to viewers driving an 87.6% lift in Recall which contributed to the 97.2% lift in Product Awareness. Meanwhile, the 16.7% lift in incremental search activity highlights Zefr’s ability to align brand goals with suitable content to drive consumer action.

The targeting’s precision is further demonstrated by the growth in respondent agreement that the Adobe brand helps improve users’ photography skills”, helps bring to life the vision users had when they took the photo” and enables users to quickly achieve their desired result”.

Try these Zefr best practices to get more out of your YouTube campaigns:

1. Using a mix of ad units can improve frequency.

2. Retargeting with :06s Bumper ads can serve as quick reminders to viewers.

3. Leveraging multiple measurement solutions to track success along the full funnel can provide additional insights.

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