Delivering an Impactful Message within a Brand-Safe Environment







The Objective

Rexona, the number one deodorant brand in Brazil, wanted to connect with new audiences on TikTok to promote the new campaign Rexona Dance Sem Parar” in partnership with the most popular singer of Brazil, Anitta. The dance was the focus of the new campaign, very connected with the Tik Tok audience and language, with a great potential of awareness beyond the platform. Rexona also wanted to ensure that adjacent content was aligned with its core brand values.

The Solution

Using the reach objectives within TikTok Ads Manager, Rexona promoted its campaign by appealing to dancers on the TikTok platform — starting the Rexona by Anitta doesn’t abandon you during a dance” trend. It was very important for Unilever to run Rexona Dance Sem Parar” within an environment suitable for the brand, so they utilized the TikTok Inventory Filter solution coupled with post-campaign measurement from Zefr to measure media effectiveness.

Built on machine learning technology, the TikTok Inventory Filter classifies video, text, audio, and more based on the level of risk. The categories within the filter are also aligned with the GARM Brand Safety and Suitability Framework. This allows advertisers like Rexona to make decisions about which kind of inventory they’d like to run adjacent to, in turn, better protecting their brand reputation.

To gather powerful insights into brand safety and suitability, Rexona and TikTok partnered with Zefr to measure the media effectiveness throughout the campaign. Zefr is a third-party Brand Safety & Suitability company, that uses cognition AI data architecture to drive more accurate and transparent video campaigns. Zefr measurement is directly aligned with all 44 GARM and IAB Categories across 53 languages.

The Results

Rexona Dance Sem Parar” delivered over 32 million impressions to promote their new campaign with a 14.9% increase in ad awareness. Rexona also achieved a 99.9% Brand Safety and 99.9% Brand Suitability rate, ensuring that its ads ran against brand-suitable content on TikTok.

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