Sprite’s allyship with creators pays off in a big way

Sprite discovered that using their reach to amplify the voices of young Black creators was key in driving offline sales

Sprite realized that change starts with empowering Youth and they need to walk the walk” as the country faces the biggest social movement in history. The brand shifted its focus to elevate creator’s voices and aims to eliminate obstacles and provide opportunity where possible.

Zefr built a customized contextual framework of brand suitable content for Sprite by targeting Hip Hop & Teen Lifestyle Interests with the goal of encouraging purchases among non-loyal brand buyers.


$1.6MM in Incremental Sales

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Leveraging Zefr’s contextual approach to promote an empowering creative message led the major multinational beverage company to achieve its goals of driving non-loyal and new buyers of Sprite.

of incremental sales were contributed by non-brand buyers and low share purchasers, highlighting Zefr’s ability to reach new audiences when they’re in a receptive mindset.

The Sprite campaign delivered a 1.6% lift in sales over an eight-week period, translating to over $1.6MM in incremental sales and a return on ad spend of 6X. The Zefr campaign outperformed YouTube direct and has inspired the team to lean into custom contextual approaches for other products within the Coca-Cola portfolio.

Try these Zefr best practices to get more out of your YouTube campaigns:

1. Using a mix of ad units can improve frequency.

2. Retargeting with :06s Bumper ads can serve as quick reminders to viewers.

3. Leveraging multiple measurement solutions to track success along the full funnel can provide additional insights.

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