Digital Branding Kit

For Zefr Employees

Branding assets for Zefr employees

Including custom email signature banners, overall signature design guidelines, and a Zefr-branded LinkedIn header image

Email Signature Banners

There are 2 versions for your use: a universal email banner as well as a measurement-focused banner

Email Signature Design Guide

Below, you’ll find the proper set up for your Zefr Gmail signature. We use an overall Sans Serif font at a Normal size. Your name should be in Bold, with the remaining info in Regular. To make specific words blue, highlight the text, click Text Color (“A” icon), and choose the showcased shade of blue. Email banners images should be added in a Large size. See below for an email signature mockup.

Email Signature Examples

Zefr Universal Email Banner: Specific Office Location

Zefr Measurement Email Banner: Specific Office Location, No Phone Number

Zefr Universal Email Banner: Remote Office Location

LinkedIn Headers

We have 2 Zefr-branded versions for your LinkedIn header: blue and gray. See below for examples.

LinkedIn Banner Examples

Zefr LinkedIn Banner: Blue

Zefr LinkedIn Banner: Gray

Zefr LinkedIn Banner: Blue

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