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Video Advertising

Content Targeting

Zefr’s platform develops nuanced, dynamic targeting on the most brand-relevant videos for YouTube. Our solutions deliver precise video content targeting on the world’s largest video platform.

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Precision YouTube Advertising

The path to brand success in online video starts with aligning with the right content. When your ad is targeted against the right content, in the right context, you’ll achieve immediate media impact and long-term brand value. Here’s how it works.

Discovery & Relevancy

Zefr discovers every video uploaded to YouTube. We then analyze the meta-data to determine the context of the video and if it could be relevant for a brand to advertise against.

Forecasting Performance

Our proprietary model determines the forecasted amount of views and impressions so you can effectively scale the reach of your campaigns.

Brand Safety

Each video goes through a rigorous approach that includes both technology and human review to ensure only the most premium videos are included and targeted in Zefr campaigns.

Campaign Intelligence

Gain full transparency into how context drove your campaign performance with our ContentIQ post-campaign insight reports.

Professionally Certified

Top 10 Comscore

Comscore precisely measures audience, brands and consumer behavior. Zefr is a top 10 YouTube rated partner.

DAR/OCR Compliant

Zefr delivers Incremental Gross Rating Points® and Nielsen DAR tracking, ensuring digital campaign audience measurement with same ease as TV campaigns.


A 2019 quantitative study fielded by the IPG Media Lab revealed that Zefr's Human-in-the-Loop technology outperforms traditional contextual targeting.

YouTube Certified

The YouTube Measurement Program (YTMP) enables companies that use the YouTube API Services to partner with us to provide actionable and accurate YouTube measurement data, such as video view count, to their clients.

Case Study: Increase Reach Among Key Demographics

Find out how Zefr increased reach among a key multicultural target through focusing on deeper engagement with families.

Case Study: Extend the Reach of Broadcast Creative with Social Video

Zefr leveraged BrandID to build a custom Super Bowl package for the brand to target the most relevant Super Bowl Commercial content on YouTube.

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