Engineering at Zefr
Mission Driven

Zefr is the global technology leader for content adjacency in complex walled garden environments.

We bring responsible marketing to the digital advertising ecosystem, helping the world’s largest advertisers minimize digital risk and maximize their digital investments.

Help Understand Content on the Biggest Platforms in the World

Zefr loves big challenges, whether it’s helping a fortune 500 brand decide what content online best suits their advertising needs or ingesting and understanding billions of pieces of content. We’re driven to help brands monetize the safest, most suitable content in the world while defunding irresponsible content creators.

We are looking for ambitious engineers who work collaboratively to drive dramatic change in an agile environment. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a recent grad, we’re seeking hardworking and talented professionals who love to solve interesting and challenging data problems while revolutionizing the global impact of the digital media ecosystem.

Zefr allows engineers to have a remarkable amount of input in what they work on, which provides outstanding opportunities for career growth. We also take a lot of pride in hiring collaborative and enthusiastic people with whom we truly enjoy spending our days.”

Kelly Gajewski, Senior Software Engineer

Engineering at Zefr

Our culture is centered around fostering mission driven engineers, product managers, data scientists, and UX professionals. To cultivate this mission, we place an emphasis on autonomy. Zefr engineers are encouraged to make mistakes, always think bigger, and are given the freedom and support to consistently fulfill our brand promise.

Engineers at Zefr collaborate internally, with stakeholders, and with customers regularly, and challenging feedback is always welcome. Leadership at Zefr likes nothing more than being challenged with a data driven analysis. We want our engineers to constantly collaborate and to never be satisfied with the status quo. We know that teamwork is necessary to solve hard problems!

Small Team Impact

We believe small, focused teams get the best work done. As Zefr grows, we strive to keep our engineering teams small and focused. This allows teams to control their own approach on how best to solve problems. 

Product at Zefr excels at discovering what needs to be built while our engineering teams figure out how. This symbiotic relationship allows Zefr to keep teams small and impact big.

Distribution is a Strength

Zefr has a global engineering force. While we have physical offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, engineers have the flexibility to work wherever they are most comfortable and productive. This distributed workforce encourages diversity in our organization which strengthens our collective abilities.

Even though we work from all over, we still make time to come together throughout the year to build personal bonds which serve us well when we’re all in the trenches solving some of today’s most challenging and impactful problems.

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