Zefr for Google Ads

Apply Zefr’s Data for Google Ads to deliver dynamic, content-level targeting based on your brand’s suitability and content adjacency preferences.

Precision Placement Targeting

Pre-flight control, with video-level transparency

Take advantage of the power of Google Ads placement-level targeting with video level precision, enabling your brand to scale your campaigns without sacrificing content adjacency.

Dynamic Video Optimization

Move beyond static inclusion and exclusion lists to ensure your campaign is always targeted to the most relevant and current content.

Zefr’s technology optimizes targeting in real-time to keep up with the speed of YouTube content trends. Our video optimization provides your campaign with a continuously updated list of videos, adding the highest velocity videos and removing stale videos to maximize performance.

Impression-Level Transparency

Know what videos you served impressions against.

Our technology enables complete transparency with video-level reporting in your campaigns, enabling advertisers to assess every video served an impression within their Google Ads account.

Improve Suitability via Zefr’s Data

<13 Content Filter

Steer clear of misaligned content that’s aimed at a Kids audience due to shared devices (ie. Kids animation, nursery rhymes) with our video-level Kids Content filters.

GARM Suitability Standard

Align with content that matches your brand's GARM risk tolerances across 33 categories of low/medium/high risk.

Sensitive Industry-Exclusions

Every brand has unique content preferences. Beyond the GARM standards, Zefr can apply industry-sensitive content exclusions to further protect your brand, without overblocking keywords.

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