GARM Standard Brand Suitability, Across Platforms.

Target and measure every walled garden impression more effectively with Zefr.

Digital risk is minimized, digital investment is maximized, and social responsibility is upheld.

Brand Safety

Objectively bad for brands

Excluded by default

Aligned to GARM Brand Safety Floor

Brand Suitability

Subjective Risk by Brand

Included/Excluded By Preference

Aligned to GARM Brand Suitability Low/Medium/High Definitions

Zefr’s AI-Driven Approach to
Brand Safety and Suitability Across Walled Gardens

Pre-Bid Controls with Post-Bid Transparency

Every brand has different risk tolerances. Zefr’s content-level decisioning enables brands to activate and measure every impression, based on their distinct suitability and risk tolerances according to 4A’s and GARM standards.

Content-Level Transparency

Pre-flight control with content-level transparency. Zefr’s data enables brands to manage and modify their suitability definitions based on industry standard definitions from 4A’s and GARM, with impression-level clarity on each video’s risk level.

Constantly Innovating.

R&D is in Zefr's DNA. Our dynamic product suite is constantly iterating and improving to drive more efficient workflows and more accurate measurement. By reducing false positives, Zefr’s data allows brands to achieve brand suitability without overly constraining their reach and delivery.

GARM Standard Brand Suitability, for Complex Environments.

The GARM Standards have made Brand Suitability definitions objective across the industry. Zefr’s state-of-the art approach to Brand Suitability in video is driven by a patented Cognition AI process, which combines scaled human review with machine learning to let brands activate and measure on the GARM standards.

Say Goodbye to Keyword Blocklists

Brand suitability can make or break a brand’s ad campaign, yet too often legacy tools are being used to solve for it. Rather than relying on blunt tools keywords and semantics, Zefr has invested in data science driven tools to make Brand Suitability work with precision for scaled platforms with unlimited content.

Zefr’s Brand Suitability Drives More Relevant Ad Experiences

Brand Suitability not only reduces risk, but also improves consumer ad experience. Zefr’s Cognition AI engine has been measured by MAGNA and the IPG Media Lab to drive lifts across the funnel vs. traditional forms of contextual targeting.

Ready to Talk About Brand Suitability? So Are We.