Zefr for CTV

Connected TV has become a critical part of marketing mix, but achieving scale and suitability has been difficult for marketers. Zefr’s brand suitability data can be applied to bring content adjacency to CTV buys on the world’s largest ad-supported CTV platform — YouTube.

The CTV Opportunity

Bring GARM Brand Suitability to the Living Room

Deeper Transparency

As CTV programming grows in scale, so will the diversity of content. Leverage Zefr’s data to bring transparency to your activation, ensuring campaigns align with your GARM Brand Suitability preferences

Extend Reach Across Walled Gardens and Open Web

Build additional reach on campaigns in brand suitable environments

Simple Activation

Activate as an extension of existing data buys for YouTube, or via a simple DealID that extends campaigns across publishers premium contextual inventory.

Looking to improve transparency on your CTV activation?