Zefr for DV360

Reduce Wasted Impressions

Zefr’s Suitability data can be activated in DV360 to align with existing audience-buying strategies — and make them more effective by eliminating the 30% wasted impressions aimed at the wrong audience.

Simple Suitability Workflow

Automatically apply your brand’s suitability preferences to your DV360 line items — rather than rely on a weekly, monthly or quarterly spreadsheet.

Global and Local Support

With availability in 50+ languages and a dedicated Customer Success team, ensure your global programmatic campaigns seamlessly align with your Suitability standards.

Privacy Compliant, By Design

Zefr’s data is privacy-compliant, by design. Zefr’s DV360 Launcher is PII-free, ensuring every brand can scale their DV360 YouTube investment without violating consumer or brand privacy concerns.

Eliminate 30%+ of Wasted Impressions via Zefr’s Suitability Data

Kids Content Filter

Steer clear of misaligned content that’s aimed at a Kids audience due to shared devices (ie. Kids animation, nursery rhymes) with our video-level Kids Content filters.

Customized GARM Suitability

Apply your brand's GARM suitability preferences across 33 categories, with the ability to add custom agency or content exclusions based on your campaign goals.

Sensitive Industry-Exclusions

Every brand has unique content preferences. If you have universal brand exclusion preferences, we provide the ability to customize based on your needs.

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