Zefr’s Data Solutions

A Suite of Solutions to Improve Brand Suitability in Video

The Zefr Product Difference

Zefr’s data solutions are powered by a patented Human-in-the-Loop approach to content understanding, architected specifically for scaled video platforms.

Transparency & Control

Rather than relying on black box topics or keyword taxonomies, Zefr’s platform delivers content-level transparency to inform buying and measurement decisions on every campaign.

GARM Industry-Standard

GARM’s common definitions have created an open source for Zefr — which can now be translated into activation and measurement based on industry definitions.

Dynamic & Flexible

Every brand and agency has their own preference on activation methods. From SDFs to Dynamic integrations, to channels or videos inclusion/​exclusions, Zefr’s data products are constantly refined to improve data delivery and make life easier.

The Benefits of Zefr’s Data Solutions

Purchase Intent

Overall Favorability

Brand Trustworthiness

Cross-Platform Brand Suitability, in Video.

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