Protect Your Brand From Misinformation 
Across Scaled Social Platforms
Through Zefr’s Advanced AI

Detect & Eliminate Misinformation Content in your Campaigns, Ensuring Responsible Media Investments

As misinformation and disinformation continues to grow on scaled platforms, Zefr’s advanced AI ensures a responsible digital future through unique and comprehensive protection against the spread of misinformation, allowing brands to advertise on social media platforms with confidence.

Our proprietary discriminative AI approach is powered by years of training data on platforms, and goes beyond keyword and text-based analyses, combining advanced AI and ground truth data from global fact checking organizations that is mapped to the industry standards set by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

How it Works

Zefr’s technology accurately moderates content, ensuring transparent pre-bid targeting and post-bid measurement across social platforms, protecting brands and consumers from harmful or inappropriate content. 

Our native integrations with over 50+ global fact checking networks worldwide verify the validity of content, combating the spread of user-generated misinformation and disinformation.

Brand Benefits

Ensure Responsible Media Investment

Support Ethical & Reputable Journalism

Achieve Advanced Misinformation Avoidance Across Media Buys

Gain Complete Transparency & Brand Protection from Misinformation and Disinformation through AI

Why it Matters

Of consumers report seeing misinformation frequently or sometimes in their media consumption

Of consumers agree that misinformation has a negative impact on how they see the brand

Of consumers agree brands should make every effort to avoid being next to misinformation

Generative vs. Discriminative AI

What’s the Difference?

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