Zefr Powers
Responsible Marketing.

Zefr Enables
Industry Standard Brand Suitability.

Zefr Leverages
Cognition AI for Video.

Zefr Offers
Peace of Mind on Platforms.

How Zefr Enables Responsible Marketing

Maximize digital effectiveness and ensure social responsibility values are upheld.

Quality and Accuracy for Video

Move past keyword blocklists.

Zefr’s Patented Cognition AI was architected for video platforms, scoring over 5 billion videos per day for brand campaigns.

Full Content Transparency

You won't find us hiding behind an opaque taxonomy.

We align with GARM / 4A’s industry standards for pre-flight targeting or post-campaign verification, with additional brand exclusions available.

Reduce Wasted and Unsuitable Investment

Optimize your walled garden investment.

Zefr eliminates ~30%+ of misaligned impressions from false positives and unsuitable content.

Brand Suitability for the Age of Platforms

Unlike keyword-based open web tech, Cognition AI was trained for scaled platforms.


Zefr Data Solutions, Activated on Your Terms

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