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Zefr’s Contextual Data Platform captures, organizes, and activates brand suitability and contextual data on the world’s largest platforms.

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Solving Brand Suitability: A New Study from Magna and Zefr

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The Evolution of Context

No PII, no problem. Zefr’s technology enables independent contextual data, based on each brand’s suitability standards. The result is effective and transparent targeting, without being creepy.


Not every type of content is suitable for every brand. Zefr’s precise targeting technology enables brands to activate scaled contextual campaigns, based on their distinct suitability and risk tolerances. Ensuring each ad is aligned with the right content, every time.


Pre-flight control with content-level transparency. Our Context DMP enables brands to manage and modify their suitability definitions based on content, rather than relying on legacy tools like keyword-blocking.


Unlike static solutions, Zefr’s dynamic targeting drives more efficient workflows and more effective campaigns. Effective contextual data delivers brand suitability without compromising reach. Ensuring your campaign objectives are met. Always.

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A CPG company turned to Zefr to build millennial reach to driving a lift in aided awareness and brand favorability.

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By contextually targeting moms during the back to school time frame, Zefr increased this brands View Through Rate by 140% compared to YouTube.

Delivering a QSR TV-like Reach in Social Video

With customized video level targeting, Zefr drove lift in multiple KPIs for this Quick Service Restaurant.

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