Brand Suitability. Standardized.

Zefr’s data enables precise brand suitability, powered by a patented Human-in-the-Loop architecture for video.

Zefr is Selected as Brand Safety Reporting Partner by Youtube

Announcing the Development of an Independent Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement Product, based on 4A’s and GARM Industry Standards

Zefr is now an official Facebook Marketing Partner

Solving Brand Suitability: A New Study from Magna and Zefr

Download the whole report to learn how Human-in-the-Loop Contextual Targeting Can Solve Brand Suitability

Context Beyond Keywords

Move past your keyword blocklist. Zefr’s architecture was built for scaled video platforms — combining scaled human cognition with cutting-edge machine learning.

Content-Level Decisioning

Be more precise with every Suitability decision. Zefr’s content-level decisioning enables more suitable and lower risk campaigns, without sacrificing scale or delivery.

Transparency and Intelligence

Pre-flight control with content-level transparency. Rather than relying on black box metrics, Zefr’s contextual data provides actionable insights with full transparency on every activation.

Data Effectiveness

Unlike static solutions, Zefr’s dynamic targeting drives more efficient workflows and more effective campaigns. Effective contextual data delivers brand suitability without compromising reach. Ensuring your campaign objectives are met. Always.

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Find out how a financial services brand pivoted their strategy to reach consumers with messaging relevant to recent societal behaviors.

Launching a New Vehicle to the Hispanic Market

Find out how Zefr helped an auto brand increase reach among its multicultural target while facilitating a deeper engagement with multicultural families.

Fitness in Context: How At-Home Fitness is Changing Consumer Habits

Find out how Zefr leveraged our proprietary process (in which people watch videos to train machine learning models for content) to explore recent viewership trends in At Home fitness and exercise.

Ready to Talk About YouTube Content Targeting? So Are We.