Zefr Powers
Responsible Marketing.

Zefr Enables
Industry Standard Brand Suitability.

Zefr Leverages
Human Cognition in Video.

Zefr Offers
Third-Party Transparency on Platforms.

How Zefr Enables Responsible Marketing

Accurate & Transparent Video Data

Zefr’s Patented Human-in-the-Loop approach was architected for video platforms, reducing false positives and increasing precision.

GARM Standardized Brand Suitability

Align with GARM / 4A’s industry standards for pre-flight targeting or post-campaign verification, with additional brand exclusions available.

Mitigate Wasted Investment

Zefr eliminates ~30%+ of misaligned impressions from false positives and unsuitable content.

A Human Approach to Brand Suitability.

People Don’t Think in Keywords. Neither Should Your Brand Suitability Provider.


Zefr Data Solutions, Activated on Your Terms

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