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Instead of applying your taxonomy from the open web, what if you could customize insights and reporting based on any topic important to your brand? That’s why we invested in AI search, allowing you to identify, alert and monitor adjacency across any topic for more effective media strategy decisions.

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How it Works


Getting Started: Sample Prompts

Brand Safety

— You're a CPG brand and you want to ensure your products are distanced from concerning topics like "sugar health risks" or "detergent eating challenges." Use Search to identify any instances where your brand might be linked with these issues.

If you're an auto brand, you could use Search to detect any mentions of your vehicles in relation to "car crashes" or "drunk driving."

Breaking News & Current Events

— Monitor for high risk breaking news content in your campaigns such as "Texas shooting" or "Russia Ukraine" to ensure your brand's reputation is protected from sensitive topics.

Brand Mentions and Purchase Behavior

— You're a beverage company like Coca-Cola, and you're interested in knowing what consumers are saying about your products. Use Atrium Search to find "Coca-Cola Product Reviews."

— If you are a CPG brand like Tide for example, search for "Tide Laundry Hacks" or "Tide Cleaning Tips" to understand how your customers are interacting with your products.

Relevant Keywords

— You're a beverage brand and you want to see how often "Coca-Cola Refreshing" or "Coca-Cola Summer" are mentioned in relation to your brand. Use Search to find these instances.

— Similarly, a household brand like Tide may want to know how "Tide Clean Laundry" is perceived.

Trend Watching

— You're a fashion or lifestyle brand and you're interested in tracking trending topics like "#threads," "#tinyfood," "#cleanwithme," "#booktok," "#backtoschool," or "#taylorswifterastour." Use Atrium Search to keep up with these trends.

Celebrities, Influencers, Creators

— You're a home goods brand and you're want to understand the association of your brand with lifestyle gurus like "Marie Kondo."

— A brand targeting younger demographics may want to track content related to influencers such as "MrBeast," or "KekePalmer"

Competitive Landscape

— You're a CPG brand and you want to understand your standing in the competitive landscape. Use Atrium Search to find mentions of competitors like "Mrs. Meyer's," "Seventh Generation," "Tide," "Purex," or "Woolite."

Seasonal Moments

— A major retail brand could use Search to prepare for key seasonal moments like "Back to School," "4th of July," "or #autumn. Track seasonal trends and tailor your messaging to resonate with these moments.

With Atrium Search, gain access to a powerful tool that provides custom insights beyond GARM brand suitability.

Make the most of this functionality and gain even deeper transparency into where your brand appeared on social. Learn more about Atrium’s Search feature in the video below.

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