Zefr Brand Book & Style Guide
Our Core Brand

This brand site contains fundamental design guidelines & toolkits for use of Zefr’s logos, colors, typography, and graphics. Keep scrolling for best practices when presenting Zefr’s visual identity to the world.

Zefr Gives Advertisers Full Content Transparency across Walled Gardens, Powered by Responsible Marketing

As the global technology leader for content adjacency in walled garden environments, Zefr’s visual persona is sensible, adaptable, and transparent, while remaining affable. Cool-toned blues and soft waves combine to provide a modern, approachable brand identity.


Our logo is indicative of soft waves or a zephyr breeze, and is a nod Zefr’s beginnings in Venice Beach, California. Our primary logo includes a blue to turquoise gradient circle that encompasses the word Zefr. See below for variations of our logo, as well as best practices.

Logo Options: Overview

Below is our primary gradient logo and base logo.



Proper Logo Usage

Primary Gradient Logo: Light Background

Primary Gradient Logo: Dark Background

Primary Gradient Logo: Photo Background

Base Logo: Light Background

Base Logo: Dark Background

Base Logo: Photo Background

Improper Logo Usage

No Scaling

No Rotating

No Size Alteration

No text directly next to logo

No illegible color combinations

No gradient on base logo

Co-Branding & Logo Spacing

Always ensure there is ample room between our logo and adjacent item. This will maximize impact & visibility.

Co-Branding Best Practices

The partner logo should be equal to the Zefr logo in terms of size and weight 

Zefr | Partner Logo

Logos separated by a thin line

Zefr + Partner Logo

Logos separated by a plus sign

Multiple Partner Logos

All logos separated by a thin line


Zefr’s primary color palette is a range of cool toned blues and grays. Our secondary palette includes a teal green, light blue, and amaranth red. Zefr Dark Blue (#002252), is our main color for text.

Zefr Main Color Palette

Primary colors for website, marketing materials, and presentations

Zefr Blue

Hex Code: #0094FF

RGB: 0, 148, 255

CMYK: 71, 38, 0, 0

PMS 299 C

Zefr Gradient

Gradient Hex Code:
#0094FF - #00DDD6

45° Angle

Zefr Gradient 2

Gradient Hex Code:
#0094FF - #3DDCF8

45° Angle

Zefr Dark Blue

Hex Code: #002252

RGB: 0, 34, 82

CMYK: 100, 89, 35, 37

PMS 655 C

Zefr Light Blue

Hex Code: #E6F7FE

RGB: 230, 247, 254

CMYK: 9, 0, 0, 0

PMS 649 C

Zefr Cloud

Hex Code: #F4FAFF

RGB: 244, 250, 255

CMYK: 3, 0, 0, 0

PMS 656 C

Zefr Secondary Color Palette

Used less frequently than our primaries

Zefr Turquoise

Hex Code: #00DDD6

RGB: 0, 221, 214

CMYK: 62, 0, 26, 0

Zefr Capri

Hex Code: #3DDCF8

RGB: 61, 220, 248

CMYK: 62, 0, 26, 0

Zefr Amaranth

Hex Code: #D93664

RGB: 217, 54, 100

CMYK: 10, 93, 45, 0

Zefr Color Palette for Print

These colors maintain Zefr’s vibrant blue palette for more muted CMYK materials and signage. These are only to be used for printed materials, not digital designs

Zefr Light Blue

Hex Code: #15BFF1

RGB: 21, 191, 241

CMYK: 67, 2, 0, 0

Zefr Medium Blue

Hex Code: #085CA8

RGB: 8, 92, 168

CMYK: 95, 70, 1, 0

Zefr Dark Blue

Hex Code: #192352

RGB: 25, 35, 82

CMYK: 100, 93, 33, 38


Zefr’s overall typeface is Open Sans. Modern, experienced, and versatile; this sans serif font embodies our overall brand voice.

Our primary font styles are Extrabold, Bold, and Light

General Typography Guidelines

Headers are Extrabold and Subheaders are Light

Body Text is Light, with emphasized words in Bold

For very small text, Regular can replace Light

Text is Left-Aligned


Our icon packs come in a set of gradient and black/​white. With rounded edges and fills of white, these graphics pop on light backgrounds, like our Zefr Cloud (#F4FAFF).

Design Elements & Backgrounds

We have various sets of backgrounds and design decals for use in presentations, website designs, and marketing materials

Design Decal Use

Gradient Corner Edge

Right Side Gradient

Hexagon Buttons

Have questions about Zefr’s design guidelines?