Adidas Leveraged Zefr Measurement to Verify Brand Safety and Brand Suitability of TikTok Campaign

Key Metrics







The Objective

In 2022, global fashion retailer Adidas partnered with Zefr and TikTok for their campaign featuring WNBA basketball player Candace Parker, with creative messaging about overcoming the Impossible.’ Adidas ran a brand auction campaign focusing on In-Feed ads with a core objective for Video Views, and the campaign was targeted to 18 – 34 millennial sports-interested users of the platform. 

The Solution

In order to drive impact with the right audiences, it was important to Adidas to ensure their ads ran against brand safe and brand suitable content. To achieve this goal, Adidas tapped into Zefr’s partnership with TikTok to utilize Zefr’s post-bid measurement tool that verifies content adjacencies on the platform, along with TikTok’s Inventory Filter for pre-bid targeting set-up. Both solutions are mapped to the industry standard GARM Brand Safety and Suitability Framework and provide accurate and transparent campaign insights.

The Results

Results for the campaign included delivery of more than 57 million total impressions, and the campaign’s content adjacencies were verified by Zefr’s Measurement solution at a 99.9% brand safety rating and 99.9% brand suitability rating. By utilizing TikTok’s Inventory filter along with Zefr’s Measurement product, Adidas was successful in driving widespread awareness in brand safe and suitable environments, without sacrificing scale or performance.

How Zefr Measurement for TikTok Works:

1. Simple Onboarding

Start measuring your campaign’s safety and suitability with full access to Zefr’s dashboard by applying Zefr’s measurement solution directly within the TikTok Ad Manager

2. Video-Level Analysis

Zefr uses a patented Cognition AI machine learning engine to review organic content for video, audio, image and text to evaluate videos running adjacent to your ad against the 44 categories found in the GARM Brand Safety and Brand Suitability Framework including Floor, high, medium, and low risk

3. Measurement & Insights

Every 24 hours, brands can access Zefr’s dashboard for insights on their campaign’s safety and suitability with a full view of the top videos in the campaign. This report can be downloaded and shared via CSV or Excel via a dedicated Customer Success Manager

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