Major Pharmaceutical Brand Leveraged
Zefr Suitability Data on Meta to Optimize Audience Strategy


Through a Facebook Feed awareness campaign, the global pharmaceutical brand and CMI Media Group leveraged Zefr's brand suitability verification product for Meta, using content insights to optimize the audience strategy in real-time, resulting in +6.7% improvement in brand suitability.


Improvement in Brand Suitability

We value the partnership with Zefr that allowed CMI Media Group to implement the first-ever 3rd party brand safety measurement on Meta for a pharma campaign, resulting in actionable insights that drove campaign goals.”

Walter Schmidli, Vice President, Paid Social, CMI Media Group


Ensuring Brand Safety & Suitability

For a global pharmaceutical brand, Meta is a key marketing channel, but brand safety and misinformation proved an inherent risk considering the sensitivity of the industry.


Zefr Atrium Brand Safety & Suitability Measurement for Meta

The pharmaceutical brand worked with their team at CMI Media Group and brand safety partners at Zefr to leverage Zefr’s exclusive Meta brand suitability product. The product allowed them to evaluate their campaign brand suitability at the content level to understand if they could reach their audience without aligning with problematic or polarizing topics.

To ensure proper analysis, CMI Media Group worked with the brand to create a GARM suitability profile to make sure that all delivery fit their unique content standards. CMI Media Group then guided optimization decisions based on the data to improve audience targeting and suitability.


Suitability Rate Optimized Over Time

• Brand suitability rate 7% higher by the end of the campaign vs. the beginning

• Polarizing GARM publishers with Misinformation and Social Issues were identified and removed from campaign delivery

Brand Suitability Score (%)

Over the course of the campaign flight, Zefr’s Brand Safety & Suitability Measurement for Meta verified content adjacencies according to the GARM framework, identifying and flagging delivery to polarizing news and politics inventory. This data supported CMI Media Group’s optimizations to the campaign targeting settings. These optimizations resulted in an increase in the overall suitability of the campaign, ensuring the pharmaceutical brand reached their target audiences in brand safe environments.

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