Multinational Retailer Marks & Spencer Achieves Brand Suitability at Scale for Holiday Charity Campaign

Key Metrics



Over 17MM




Partnering with TikTok and Zefr was the perfect solution as it allowed us to plan a big impact campaign, whilst monitoring in real-time via Zefr’s daily dashboard update to ensure the safety and suitability of our video ads”

Katy Allison, Media Strategy Manager — Food, at M&S

The Objective

Towards the end of 2021, M&S had a few stores that went viral on TikTok organically. Mindshare partnered with the Romford M&S staff to produce a Christmas Single for charity with the goal of entering the UK iTunes charts, using TikTok’s ad solutions to drive as many donations as possible. The campaign aimed to reach 4MM viewers at a 35% VTR. Brand safety and suitability was also critical as it was for a charitable cause.

In order to achieve these outcomes, M&S and Mindshare worked with Zefr to leverage their post-campaign measurement solution for ads on TikTok to verify the brand safety and brand suitability of their campaign.

Solutions Used

TikTok’s pre-bid Inventory Filter

Zefr’s Brand Safety & Brand Suitability post-bid measurement solution for TikTok

The Results

The M&S campaign reached an engaged audience at significant scale, delivering over 17 million impressions – a +120% overdelivery of reach and views, per Zefr’s video-level GARM reporting. The campaign resulted in zero brand safety and suitability violations, ensuring only relevant and suitable content was targeted. Partnering with Zefr allowed M&S to effectively utilize their budget, optimize campaign performance, and achieve total transparency and peace of mind that their ads did not appear adjacent to any unsafe or unsuitable content. 

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