McDonald’s Leverages Zefr AI-Powered
Brand Safety & Suitability Solution for Meta Advantage+ App Campaign to Drive Downloads

Key Metrics





We value our partnership with Zefr that gave McDonald’s access to AI-powered suitability controls to deliver the highest brand safety standards available on the Meta platform when using A+AA to achieve our performance goals.”

Amelia Ensell, Executive Business Director, OMD

The Challenge

In Q4 2023 McDonald’s were looking to capitalise on Meta’s Advantage+ App Campaign (A+AA), and lean into machine learning to drive results across Meta’s full inventory suite. 

McDonald’s and OMD needed to partner with a brand safety provider to ensure the campaign was delivered within safe and suitable content environments across Meta’s broader placement portfolio, specifically In-Stream, Feed, Reels, and Facebook Audience Network (FAN).

The Solution

McDonald’s worked with their agency team at OMD and brand safety partners at Zefr to leverage Zefr’s AI-powered brand safety and suitability solutions for Meta across six different placement types that included the following products and coverage: 

In-Feed & Reels

Meta Limited Inventory Filter

Zefr Brand Safety & Suitability Measurement

In Stream & Facebook Audience Network

Zefr Content Allow Lists & Custom GARM Suitability Profile:

No Risk across 12 categories

Blocklist across 7 concepts

The Zefr AI Difference

- Improves quality and accuracy of context analysis and labeling

- Mitigates waste from unsuitable content alignments

- Fuels better performance and outcomes beyond simple media optimizations based on keywords

- Protects brand reputation through risk avoidance including around emerging trends in misinformation and generative AI

The Results

Zefr’s AI-powered brand safety & suitability measurement solution supported McDonald’s campaign goals by allowing the brand to confidently take advantage of Meta’s latest platform developments for advertisers, across inventory that had previously been blocked, whilst remaining at the forefront of brand safety & suitability.

As a result of these controls and optimisations, the campaign delivered:

Top 10 Delivered Content Categories by Impressions

(In-Stream Placements) 

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