Zefr’s Brand Suitability Targeting Helps QSR Chain Achieve Incremental Reach
Among Unduplicated Audiences for New Menu Item Launch

Key Metrics

Ad Breakthrough


+79% Incremental, Unduplicated Reach


+2.0% Lift for Consideration*

*For a brand with a high consideration level to start with, this campaign helped move the needle even further

Fast Casual QSR Chain Achieved +79% Incremental Reach to their TV Campaign with New & Unduplicated Audiences for Digital Exclusive Product Launch

A popular, nationwide fast casual QSR chain launched a new menu item as a digital exclusive” available only through their website or mobile app with an eye towards driving mass online awareness and sales. The QSR chain leveraged Zefr’s brand suitability targeting solutions for their YouTube activation, seeking to extend their video reach beyond TV and drive mass awareness for the new product. 

To measure impact and cross-platform reach of the campaign, the QSR chain and Zefr designed a custom measurement program that included utilizing Nielsen Total Ad Ratings (TAR) to identify incremental and unduplicated audiences.

+79% Incremental Reach to TV Campaign

Zefr delivered new and unduplicated 18-34 video audiences

80% P18-34 On-Target Impressions for Digital

Linear TV impressions and frequency delivered disproportionately against A50+ Viewers

+23.6% Lift in Ad Recall

Zefr tech also helped find a receptive audience, driving this significant lift


The QSR campaign highlights Zefr’s ability to effectively and efficiently reach the brand’s target audience on YouTube, successfully eliminating waste to unintended viewers. While Zefr’s OT% was 80%, Linear Television only delivered 15% of its impressions to A18-34.

The impact of Zefr’s precision is reflected in the lift in Ad Recall and the campaign’s influence on encouraging viewers to choose the QSR chain for their next meal.

Try these Zefr best practices to get more out of your YouTube campaigns:

1. Using a mix of ad units can improve frequency, as retargeting with :06s Bumper ads can serve as quick reminders to viewers.

2. Leveraging multiple measurement solutions to track success along the full funnel can inform decisions in real-time.

3. Consider creative testing throughout the campaign's flight to improve the impact of your campaign.

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