Rexona Delivers an Impactful Message within a Brand-Safe Environment with Zefr Measurement

Key Metrics

+14.9% AD RECALL

The Objective

Rexona, the number one deodorant brand by Unilever in Brazil, was looking to connect with new audiences on TikTok to promote their campaign​“Rexona Dance Sem Parar” in partnership with popular Brazilian singer, Anitta. To drive awareness among TikTok target audiences, Rexona’s campaign creative featured dance choreography with Anitta, and it was important to Unilever to ensure that the content adjacent to the Rexona campaign ads were aligned with core brand values to reach the right target audiences.

The Solution

In order to ensure that the campaign, Rexona Dance Sem Parar,” ran within brand suitable environments, Unilever leveraged Zefr’s post-bid campaign measurement offering to verify their media adjacencies and effectiveness, in addition to TikTok’s Inventory Filter solution to set the pre-bid campaign targeting, and reach objectives set within TikTok Ads Manager. 

TikTok’s partnership with Zefr allows advertisers like Unilever to measure media effectiveness throughout the campaign lifecycle, and helped Rexona gather powerful insights into the campaign’s brand safety and suitability ratings and adjacencies. Zefr’s Cognition AI technology drives more accurate and transparent measurement for in-feed video campaigns, is directly aligned to the GARM and IAB Categories, is available across 53 languages, and is now in-market for Latin American advertisers. 

When leveraged along with the TikTok Inventory Filter, the partnership with Zefr provides brands like Rexona the ability to verify that their campaign results are aligned to brand values.

The Results

Beyond starting a new TikTok dance trend with the creative messaging Rexona by Anitta doesn’t abandon you during a dance,” the Rexona campaign resulted in 99.9% Brand Safety and 99.9% Brand Suitability ratings, ensuring that the ads ran against brand-suitable content on TikTok. In all, the campaign managed by Initiative Brazil delivered over 118.9M views and achieved a +14.9% lift in ad recall, +7.6% awareness and +3.9% brand association. 

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