In a Head-to-Head Test with other Approaches,
Zefr Enabled the Most Accurate Brand Suitability & Effective Brand Lift


More effective lift in ad recall than the Traditional Third Party Provider


More effective lift in ad recall than Platform-Provided Suitability


Of delivery using the Traditional Third Party Provider ran against Unsuitable content


Of delivery using Platform-Provided Suitability tools ran against Unsuitable content

Brand Brief

A major telecom brand wanted to drive more effective ad recall with its audience targeting on YouTube by activating against impactful content adjacencies that matched its Brand Suitability standards.

For the brand, this meant filtering its pre-flight inclusion lists for Low Risk adjacencies according to GARM’s Framework for Brand Safety & Suitability, while also excluding Children’s Entertainment, Mature Music, and Gaming content.


GARM Low Risk Adjacencies
Excluded Children's Entertainment
Excluded Mature Music
Excluded Gaming

Head-to-Head Test

The brand ran three similar campaigns, each using a different technical approach for Brand Suitability:

Zefr: Powered by Zefr’s patented AI, Zefr’s tools use cognition-trained machine learning and frame-by-frame computer vision to accurately control GARM Brand Suitability & content exclusions

Traditional Third Party Provider: The traditional Third Party Suitability Provider’s tools rely on signals surrounding videos to classify their Suitability — rather than videos themselves — with a focus on the text analysis of keywords, metadata, and audio transcripts

Platform-Provided Suitability: The platform-provided tools rely on black box, one-size-fits-all settings for brand suitability

The Results

Brand Lift Results

With Zefr Suitability, the brand was able to drive significantly more effective lift in ad recall than it was using the other two approaches — all with the same targeting and budget.

Brand Suitability Results

Upon analysing the placements in each of the three campaigns, the brand determined that 5% of impressions delivered using the Traditional Third Party Provider ran against Unsuitable content.

In addition, the brand found that over 40% of impressions delivered using the Platform-Provided Suitability Tools ran against unsuitable content.

Only with Zefr was the brand able to customize and activate against inclusion lists that accurately mapped to their specific GARM and content adjacency standards — allowing them to invest their full ad spend into suitable reach.

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