Zefr Drives
Lower CPMs & Improved Brand Suitability for Movistar Telefónica Hispam

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I applaud the excellent partnership we had with Zefr and our agency to identify brand suitable opportunities that improved our digital strategy. Brand suitability is without a doubt one of the most important KPIs we cannot neglect.”

Mauricio Rojas, Head of Hispam Digital Acceleration Projects, Telefónica S.A.

The Challenge

Multinational telco brand Movistar Mexico wanted to measure brand suitability across their YouTube investment and also test the impact of Zefr’s performance optimization engine on their campaigns.

The Solution

To start, Telefónica worked with Zefr to measure their campaign over an initial four-week period to establish an initial brand suitability and CPM benchmark. Telefónica activated with a low-risk GARM profile and flagged delivery to children’s entertainment content.

After one month, Telefónica activated Zefr’s exclusions for a two week period to test the impact against their CPM and brand suitability baseline. As a result, Zefr drove 22% lower CPMs and a 6.73% improvement in brand suitability compared to the baseline period. 

The Results

Zefr helped Telefónica remove 184.9K+ high and medium risk channels and videos from campaign delivery, while improving overall suitability by +6.73%.


Before and After Activating Zefr

Brand Suitability

Before and After Activating Zefr

Brand Suitability Score (%)

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