Improving Performance and Acquiring New Shoppers via ASC with Meta and Zefr

The Story

Waitrose, the UK grocery chain, aimed to improve their performance on Meta’s Advantage Shopper+ Campaign (ASC) to acquire new shoppers while maintaining Brand Safety and Suitability.

In social video campaigns, when leveraging Zefr’s brand suitability data for ASC, the campaign proved out that brands do not need to compromise on brand suitability and performance.

The Results

Utilizing Zefr and Meta’s ASC product, Waitrose was able to ensure brand safety, while also delivering:

35% Lower Cost Per Purchase

Running Zefr's Allow Lists for the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

53% Higher Return on Ad Spend

Running Zefr's Allow Lists for the Advantage+ Shopping Campaign

Leveraging Zefr’s Brand Suitability Data for Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaign exceeded our performance expectations. We achieved higher ROAS and acquired new customers without compromising on brand safety and suitability. 

Testing Meta’s new product, ASC and incorporating Zefr’s Allow Lists for FAN is a proven successful strategy, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

Daisy Sollis, Digital Marketing Specialist, Meta — Waitrose

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