Facebook enables Zefr’s Dynamic Video-Level Inclusion Lists for In-Stream Advertising


For the first time ever, Zefr’s dynamic video-level inclusion targeting is available on in-stream advertising campaigns on Facebook. This first-of-kind product will feature dynamic video targeting refreshes for brand-safe, scaled targeting. The introduction of Dynamic Content Sets for in-stream advertising on Facebook creates a new tool in the programmatic video landscape.

Brands are seeking scaled and safe alternatives to effectively reach their consumers. Facebook has created a new tool for programmatic platforms by enabling a container solution for in-stream advertising, which allows for dynamic targeting at the video level. Now brands can activate on their nuanced and suitable content preferences while reaching a scaled audience. It’s no longer just television and where brands can get safety and suitability.”

– Rich Raddon, co-CEO and co-Founder.

This utilization of Zefr’s Dynamic Content Set by Facebook represents a significant step forward in advancing brand safety control. Prior to this integration, advertisers with brand safety sensitivities on Facebook managed static publisher block lists, manually excluding publishers. Brands can now consolidate their existing block lists for brand safety with Zefr’s dynamic, video-level inclusion lists that are created according to an individual brand’s particular preferences. 

This partnership comes on the heels of Zefr’s announcement of the first-ever Contextual DMP, which was built to help brands activate scaled targeting campaigns without the use of Personally Identifiable Information. 

By combining Facebook’s scaled audience with Zefr’s expertise, advertisers now have more control while expanding their reach. 

Traditionally, contextual targeting solutions were built for display advertising via keyword analysis to help marketers improve alignment with webpages. But on scaled video platforms, keywords alone are insufficient indicators of the nuances of context. Zefr’s platform leverages proprietary patent-pending Human-in-the-Loop technology to empower brands to align with suitable content. 

To learn more about how to activate Zefr’s video-level inclusion lists on Facebook, reach out to fb@​zefr.​com.