Zefr for TikTok

Zefr and TikTok have partnered to provide clients with campaign insights into brand safety and brand suitability on the TikTok platforms. Through these video-level insights, clients gain transparency that their investment is aligning with content that adheres to the GARM brand safety floor and suitability risk categories. 

Accurate Measurement. Built for Walled Gardens.

Zefr’s measurement solution for TikTok provides brands with deeper insights and campaign analytics to power responsible marketing in walled-garden environments, across global campaigns. 

Join brands now leveraging Zefr Brand Safety & Brand Suitability Measurement on TikTok. 

Industry Standard Safety and Suitability

Zefr’s mapping to consistent GARM definitions reduce subjectivity of Brand Suitability on TikTok to provide clear insights on your content adjacency across low risk, medium risk, high risk adjacencies

Video-Level Transparency

Rather than receive an aggregated report, Zefr’s dashboard provides video-level insights that give visibility into exactly where your ads appeared

Powered by Zefr’s Cognition AI

Zefr’s Cognition AI combines video, audio, text and image analysis at the video-level with moderation at scale to improve precision and accuracy

How It Works

1. Simple Onboarding

Start measuring your campaign’s safety and suitability with full access to Zefr’s dashboard by applying Zefr’s measurement solution directly within the TikTok Ad Manager

2. Video-Level Analysis

Zefr uses a patented Cognition AI machine learning engine to review organic content for video, audio, image and text to evaluate videos running adjacent to your ad against the 44 categories found in the GARM Brand Safety and Brand Suitability Framework including Floor, high, medium, and low risk

3. Measurement & Insights

Every 24 hours, brands can access Zefr’s dashboard for insights on their campaign’s safety and suitability with a full view of the top videos in the campaign. This report can be downloaded and shared via CSV or Excel via a dedicated Customer Success Manager

Looking to measure your TikTok campaign?