April 2023

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Brands Want A Handle On AI Fakes And Disinfo; Let’s DTC How This Works

By AdExchanger | Thursday, April 13th, 2023 – 12:03 am

Comic: Brand Safety

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Better Safe Than Sorry 

Brands are nervous about misinformation, especially as generative AI tools make it relatively easy to create convincing fake images, audio files and videos.

General Mills is teaming up with verification company Zefr to measure misinformation around its social media accounts, including on TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, Ad Age reports. Social media trolls have targeted brands such as Wayfair and Oatly with outlandish conspiracy theories by resharing false posts without verification. A brand’s reputation can take a real hit before the company is even aware of what’s happening, and correcting those misapprehensions is, of course, a more difficult task.

Wayfair found itself at the center of a human trafficking conspiracy theory that took off on social media, and Oatly made fact-checking the centerpiece of its new creative strategy following viral misinformation about its ingredients.

General Mills essentially wants to raise a brand-safety flag for fake images and avoid appearing in social media feeds with misinformation, just like an account or site might be filtered for being adjacent to hot-button content.