October 2023

Engage your audience with Reels — Now with AI-powered brand suitability features

Engage your audience with Reels — Now with AI-powered brand suitability features | Sponsored Content

This article was contributed by Meta.

Reels plays now exceed 200 billion per day across Facebook and Instagram, according to internal Meta figures, demonstrating its growing power and popularity. For marketers, Reels represents a huge opportunity to extend a brand’s reach and engagement with key audiences. Meta is continuing to bolster the power of Reels, and recently launched several new features, including new AI-powered brand suitability controls and third-party verification.

For context, brand suitability centers on displaying ads in the right environments — and it’s individual to each company based on their unique brand strategy. A simple way to think about this is a toy company versus an adult clothing company: the content these two brands would be okay with their ads appearing next to will probably be quite different. Meta wants to empower brands to craft the most suitable environment for people to see their ads.

Meta has consistently worked to advance brand suitability by partnering with third-party industry leaders. For example, Meta works with the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) to develop and align on best practices and industry standards for brand suitability, like GARM’s Brand Suitability Framework. Meta also works with brand safety and suitability business partners, like Zefr, to provide advertisers with transparency and reporting on content that is adjacent to ads and in alignment with GARM’s industry standards — which can act as independent oversight.

Meta’s focus is on giving advertisers more control and transparency so they can make informed decisions about their ad campaigns and feel confident about how their brand shows up across the platform — including now, on Reels. After months of testing, Meta is bringing its AI-powered brand suitability control, Inventory Filter, as well as its third-party brand suitability verification solution, to Reels, which was previously only available for Facebook and Instagram Feed. Since launching Meta’s brand suitability solution for Facebook and Instagram Feeds, and now Reels, Zefr has measured 99% brand-safe content.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, ensuring brand safety and suitability is paramount. We are proud to work with Meta by extending our AI-powered brand suitability solution to Reels,” said Zefr’s Richard Raddon, co-founder and co-CEO.

Our partnership with Meta and GARM stands as a testament to our shared commitment to innovation and fostering a transparent advertising ecosystem,” he explained. This advancement gives global brands the ability to safely and suitably surround the right content adjacencies across the platform.”

Meta continues to see the marketing potential of Reels grow. In fact, there are now nearly 300 million comments on Reels per day and more than ¾ of Meta’s advertisers currently use Reel ads. As Meta works to enable successful performance for advertisers with new and exciting Reels ad products, it also realizes the critical importance of ensuring priority placements like Reels are equipped with its brand suitability solutions. Meta is thrilled to make this an even better tools for advertisers as its suitability features and ongoing work with industry partners, provides more control and transparency over how their brand appears to consumers across Meta’s platforms.

—Samantha Stetson, Vice President, Client Council and Industry Trade Relations, Meta

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