June 2023

Expanding AI-Powered Suitability Controls & Third-Party Verification | Meta for Business Blog | Cannes 2023

It’s your connected world: Helping business make the right connections for growth

By Nicola Mendelsohn, Head of Global Business Group

Connections are at the heart of everything that we do to unlock economic opportunity. We know that with the right connections, every business can grow and that’s why we’re committed to building products that lead to action and drive performance.

Today at The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, we are announcing new enhancements to products across Reels and sharing more on our future AI-powered solutions for businesses.

Expanding and Enhancing Reels Ads

Video is a large part of how people engage on our platforms – in fact, people spend more than half of their time on Facebook and Instagram watching video.1 And people are re-sharing Reels more than 2 billion times every day, doubling over the last six months.2

To help businesses reach new customers and drive performance that matters we are:

  • Expanding ads on Reels to advertisers on Instagram looking to reach customers through the creator content they love. Ads on Instagram Reels provide an opportunity to expand your reach to new audiences via image ads directly on Reels content, without interrupting the person watching the Reel.

  • Bringing app promotion ads (formerly known as app install ads) to Facebook and Instagram Reels to help businesses reach more people and grow their user base. With the increase in time spent on mobile devices and a highly saturated app marketplace, it can be challenging for many businesses to get their mobile app discovered. With so many people using Reels everyday to discover new creators, products, and businesses, introducing app promotion to Reels can help advertisers break through a noisy marketplace and reach people open to discovering new interests.
  • Testing music optimization in Facebook Reels to help advertisers make their single image reels ads more entertaining and engaging with diverse, free, and high quality music from our Meta Sound Collection library. We know that Reels ads with both music and voice-over show a +15-point statistically significant higher average positive response score than those without sound3 and that’s why we want to make it easier to source, select, and add music during the campaign creation process via Creative Editor or in Advantage+ Creative.

At the festival we’ll be hosting daily sessions where advertisers can learn how to be best in class. The Cannes 2023 hero activation will be an immersive experience, enabling partners to learn the most important creative principles that are proven to drive effective Reels ads.

In partnership with KidSuper, we’ll take guests on an exciting journey through Reels creation that will inspire our audience while educating them on best practices for making engaging Reels content.

Expanding AI-Powered Suitability Controls and Third-Party Verification

We are beginning to test our newly launched brand suitability Inventory Filter, as well as our third party verification solution with our Meta Business Partner Zefr, on Facebook and Instagram Reels with select advertisers. Building on the launch for Facebook Feed this spring, we are also currently testing third party verification with Zefr on Instagram Feed. We will have more to share on general availability in the coming weeks.

After we launch Reels, we will explore bringing these to other placements and supporting additional languages.

These solutions are important milestones in our ongoing brand safety and suitability efforts. We’ve spent many years working closely with partners in the industry, including the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), an industry trade organization created to ensure that harmful content is not monetized. We are committed to giving advertisers more control and transparency and to expanding independent oversight of our work.

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