February 2024

New Digital Age Foresight Focus Report: Sustainability & Brand Safety | Featuring Emma Lacey SVP EMEA

Emma Lacey expanded on the ways the AI might create both new problems and new solutions for brand marketers. She said:

Thanks to social media, the barrier to entry for creating online content has reduced dramatically. In addition, generative AI has made it possible for anyone to create vast quantities of content at the click of a button. That combination means that assessing the level of brand risk associated with online content in real-time has become more important than ever.

You need to make sure you’re working with the right partners. The big platforms are doing a great job of filtering and partnering with quality creators, but it’s important to have third party verification to make sure that nothing slips through the net. Content can be brand safe’ but not necessarily in line with your preferences.”

Lacey added: The good news is that the big platforms are all leaning into these problems and looking at how AI can be used in combination with human expertise to make things better. Generally speaking, I feel more positive about the direction of the industry at the moment than ever before.”

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