October 2023

Reels ads updates: new performance features, automated creative and suitability solutions

Reels ads updates: new performance features, automated creative and suitability solutions

Today, we’re announcing new Reels ad features like text, template and music optimizations, and creative best practices to increase the performance of ad creative. We also have an update on our brand suitability work to help businesses take advantage of Reels ads in this first AI-powered holiday season.

New Reels features that drive performance

As people spend more time watching Reels on Facebook and Instagram — Reels plays exceed 200 billion per day across Facebook and Instagram — we are building ways to make Reels ads more engaging for people and more effective for advertisers. To do that, we’re announcing:

  • Collection ads – which feature one large video or image with smaller accompanying images – launched on Instagram and are now testing on Facebook. Collection ads allow people to easily swipe through and learn more about products they’re interested in.

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  • Multi-destination Reels carousel ads: People want a more seamless shopping experience when browsing for ads. To do that, we are enabling multi-destination calls to action for Reels carousel ads. Businesses will now be able to direct people to multiple product pages which can help them more easily find items they’re looking for and increase sales. This is now available on both Facebook and Instagram Reels across iOS and Android.
  • Swipe left: Additionally, to help move people from passive viewers to active shoppers of Reels ads, we introduced the Swipe left” feature on Facebook and Instagram Reels ads. This feature allows people to quickly and easily learn about and shop the products they are interested in.

Advantage+ Creative tools make it easy to optimize Reels

Ads using creative built for Reels see better campaign performance. For direct response campaigns, Reels ad sets including vertical sound on video creative had 4.8% lower cost per action, 5.1% higher click-through rate and 2.9% higher conversion rate compared to other types of video.1

We’ve been investing in our Advantage+ creative suite to help automate creative in a few clicks — making your campaigns resonate more with customers and saving you time. Businesses can help their Reels ads perform better with:

  • Creative optimizations: new features include automatic templates that convert non‑9:16 media to 9:16 media, 3D motion and depth, aspect ratio variance, and image and video enhancements including filters to sharpen color and improve video resolution. These features are available within Advantage+ creative in Ads Manager and we automatically show an optimized version of your creative or your original creative based on what we predict will have the best results.
  • Music: Creating captivating sound isn’t just about sound on.’ More and more it’s about having the right musical track, sound effects, or voiceover accompanying your Reel to make it more engaging and entertaining. In fact, we know that Reels ads with both music and voice-over show a +15-point higher positive response score from consumers than those without sound.2 We previously announced initial tests for music optimization to help advertisers make their single image Reels ads more entertaining and engaging. Now, all advertisers on Facebook and Instagram, delivering to iOS devices, can source, select, and add music to their single image Reels ads during the campaign creation process to foster engagement and better results.

You can learn more about available creative optimizations here. We also created a simple guide that helps you get the most performance out of your Reels here.

Brand suitability solutions now available on Reels

Our brand suitability Inventory Filter control and our third-party brand suitability verification solution with Meta Business Partner, Zefr, are now rolling out on Facebook and Instagram Reels. Since launching the brand suitability verification solution with Meta for Facebook and Instagram Feeds and Reels placement, Zefr has measured 99% brand safe content.

Inventory filter allows advertisers to control the type of content that shows up next to their ads (aligned with the GARM Brand Suitability Framework), while third-party verification, currently offered through Zefr, acts as independent measurement and provides advertisers with transparency and reporting on content adjacent to ads. A simple way to think about brand suitability differences varying between brands is a toy company vs. an adult clothing company: the content these two brands would be comfortable having their ads appearing next to may be quite different — and we want to empower all brands to craft the most suitable environment for people to see their ads.

These solutions are important milestones in our ongoing brand safety and suitability efforts in partnership with industry bodies, and we will share more as we expand these controls further.

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