May 2024

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Hubspot, Content Ignite, Nano, BigCommerce and Zefr | PMW May 2024

Top 5 adtech tools this week: Hubspot, Content Ignite, Nano, BigCommerce and Zefr

From combating misinformation in an election year to optimising your minimum bids on ad exchanges, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week:

HubSpot: new Spotlight’ initiative and launch of Commerce Hub, Content Hub, and Service Hub

Content Ignite: Dynamic Floors’ tool optimises minimum bids 

Nano: partnership with Circana to enhance ID-Free targeting solution for CPG advertisers 

BigCommerce: expanding e‑commerce platform with 100 Next Big Thing’ improvements 

Zefr: teaming up with IPG Mediabrands to combat misinformation

Zefr and IPG Mediabrands launch partnership to combat misinformation

Agency partnership is designed to tackle misinformation and enhance brand safety and suitability for online campaigns 

How it works: Backed by research data from IPG Mediabrands’ media intelligence and investment unit, MAGNA, and powered by tech-driven performance unit, KINESSO, the new collaboration will deliver campaign solutions that enable brands with the capability to avoid misinformation across social platforms in priority areas including political, climate, healthcare, AI-generated, and brand-specific content. 

What the provider says: Dani Benowitz, US & Global President, MAGNA, said: By engaging in specialised partnerships like this with Zefr, we are ensuring our clients have access not only to our in-house expertise, but also to the best tools and capabilities the industry has to offer, so their media investments are strategic and made with relevant, high industry standards in mind.” 

At Zefr, we have been proactive in tackling misinformation across walled gardens, combining advanced AI for multimedia with global fact-checking networks,” said Andrew Serby, Chief Commercial Officer at Zefr. IPG’s leadership in combating misinformation for their clients is second to none, and this partnership underscores that commitment towards this critical issue. Together, we are accelerating the fight against misinformation across walled gardens, applying media responsibility to client investment around the world.” 

The PMW View

This partnership extends the existing collaboration between IPG Mediabrands and Zefr; and it is aligned to the agency network’s Media for Good efforts. The ad environment is primed for misinformation with major cyclical events and growing adspend. The 2024 election cycle is expected to generate $9bn of additional ad revenue for media owners, which is 13% higher than 2020 spending levels, according to MAGNA’s latest US ad forecast. Overall, most industry verticals will grow their adspend this year, and digital pure players are set to capture most of that market growth, with ad sales across several media channels expected to outperform including social media (+14%) and short-form digital video (+12% to $22bn).

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