April 2024

Zefr Expands Brand Safety Tools on TikTok for Global Advertisers | MIA April 2024

Zefr Expands Brand Safety Tools on TikTok for Global Advertisers

Zefr Expands Brand Safety Tools on TikTok for Global Advertisers

Enhanced adsitability functionalities in collaboration with TikTok, Zefr, a top data platform that specialises in brand appropriateness targeting and assessment, has greatly increased the scope of its brand safety and suitability measurement offering. Through the new Brand Safety Hub feature of TikTok’s Ads Manager interface, advertisers can now apply more exact brand compatibility criteria thanks to this strategic development.

Customizable Advertising Solutions

The latest updates include Category Exclusions’ and Vertical Sensitivity’ controls, enabling advertisers around the globe to better align their campaigns with their specific brand values and safety standards. With the Vertical Sensitivity’ feature, advertisers can select their industry vertical and exclude content categories they consider inappropriate, covering 11 brand verticals such as pets, beauty, food, fashion, and retail, available in major markets including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Enhanced Content Category Management

Moreover, the Category Exclusions’ function allows brands to prevent their ads from appearing alongside content associated with gambling, lotteries, violent video games, combat sports, and youth-targeted content across all TikTok inventory filter markets. This development is part of Zefr’s ongoing commitment to provide advertisers with tools that enhance brand protection while maintaining campaign effectiveness.

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Building on a Foundation of Collaboration

This announcement is a continuation of Zefr and TikTok’s collaboration initiated in September 2023, where Zefr began providing video-level signals to inform TikTok Inventory Filter for GARM Suitability optimizations. This partnership represents a significant evolution in brand suitability optimization, offering advertisers deeper levels of control and transparency.

Record of Success and Future Plans

Since its launch in 2022, Zefr has maintained a brand safety rate exceeding 99% on TikTok, adhering to GARM floor definitions across global campaigns. Looking ahead, Zefr and TikTok plan to further expand these advanced features across all regions globally throughout 2024, underscoring their dedication to enhancing the advertiser experience on social platforms.

A Commitment to Innovating Brand Safety

Rich Raddon, co-founder and co-CEO of Zefr, expressed the company’s dedication to innovation in brand safety and suitability across social platforms. The integration of our advanced controls into TikTok’s Brand Safety Hub on TikTok Ads Manager highlights our continuous commitment to empowering advertisers and setting new standards in the industry,” said Raddon. This collaboration not only prioritizes the alignment of ads with suitable content but also aims to minimize over-blocking and maximize reach, thus enhancing overall brand visibility and impact. As Zefr and TikTok continue to refine these capabilities, advertisers can expect a more controlled and brand-aligned advertising experience, crucial in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

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