November 2022

Zefr Launches Atrium, A New Measurement Product Suite Providing Advertisers with Fully Transparent Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement Across Walled Gardens

Atrium, Zefr’s suite of measurement solutions, brings state-of-the-art brand suitability technology for walled gardens, with full mapping to the GARM industry framework – including misinformation, the most recent GARM category.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3, 2022 /​PRNewswire/​— Zefr, the global leader in brand suitability across walled gardens, today announced the global availability of Atrium, a new measurement suite that gives marketers a fully transparent view into their post-campaign performance and insights across walled gardens. Rather than measurement solutions that are focused on the open web and text-based, Atrium is foundationally built for marketers to gain more transparency in the age of walled gardens.

Self-service UI with full alignment to the GARM standards across walled garden platforms.

With the launch of Atrium, marketers gain access to transparent and accurate post-bid reporting insights against all GARM categories, including misinformation. Recently announced as a brand suitability provider across platforms like Meta, TikTok and YouTube, this product solidifies Zefr’s commitment as the leading global technology company for brand suitability across high velocity environments.

The launch comes as a result of continued product momentum, including Zefr’s inclusion as a new Brand Safety Reporting Partner on YouTube, as well as the company’s recent acquisition of Israeli-based AI company Adverifai, which integrates misinformation into Zefr’s Cognition AI tech stack through global fact-checking organizations, providing training data to inform scaleable misinformation identification and measurement. Marketers will be able to access misinformation measurement directly from their Atrium UI.

As misinformation continues to pervade the advertising industry, especially in an ever-changing political climate, MAGNA Media Trials and Zefr have conducted new comprehensive research in November 2022 examining the impact of misinformation on consumers and brands. Voices on Misinformation, premiering at brand safety week, reveals 93% of consumers view misinformation as being ubiquitous across media, and while consumers have developed skills to identify it, with the responsibility falling on brands to be aware of their ad environments.

Today’s global brands face unprecedented levels of reputational risks, including from new platforms for sharing information (and misinformation) that become amplified and accelerated inside social media walled gardens. For many brands, these closed ecosystems can feel like working within a black box. Competition for consumer attention has never been more fierce, with consumers spending more time within walled gardens, precisely where the risk resides. Yet brands need to be there and they are requiring common terminology on what constitutes brand safety and brand suitability from platform to platform.

About Zefr:

Zefr is the global leader in brand suitability targeting and measurement across walled garden environments. Zefr’s products put brands in control of their content adjacency on scaled platforms including YouTube, Meta and TikTok, based on brand and industry standards like the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM) framework. Rather than rely on keywords, Zefr leverages a patented Cognition AI technology to offer brands and agencies more accurate and transparent targeting and measurement solutions on scaled platforms. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, Singapore, Brazil, and Dubai. For more information, go to: http://​zefr​.com.

Andrew Serby

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