February 2023

Zefr Named to TikTok Marketing Partner Program

Zefr Named to TikTok Marketing Partner Program

By joining the TikTok Marketing Partner Program, the market leader in brand suitability measurement solutions deepens integration partnership with the leading entertainment platform

Zefr, the global pioneer in brand suitability targeting and measurement across walled garden environments, is now a badged partner within the new TikTok Brand Safety & Suitability specialty that is a part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program.

TikTok introduced an inaugural group of badged Measurement Partners with a specialty in Brand Safety & Suitability that will provide insights for TikTok advertising campaigns. This initiative will allow advertisers and agencies to better monitor the content surrounding their messages on TikTok, giving them confidence that their media investments across TikTok are appearing next to content that is brand safe and suitable.

Zefr began working with TikTok in January 2022, providing advertisers with independent, video-level verification of their content adjacencies on TikTok, with full mapping to the Global Alliance of Responsible Media (GARM) brand safety floor and brand suitability categories. Earning TikTok’s Measurement Badge is a testament to Zefr’s commitment to continued innovation on the platform.

Since the partnership commenced, Zefr launched Atrium, its new measurement suite that gives marketers a fully transparent view into their post-campaign performance and insights across walled gardens. This latest announcement coincides with the release of the GARM category of Misinformation for TikTok, which was established and rolled out last summer at the Cannes Lions 2022 Festival. These guidelines were originally introduced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war and will form an essential addition to the existing GARM Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework.

With this release, Zefr becomes the only measurement provider who supports every GARM category. As of today, it now offers new insights in its dashboard available for export including High, Medium, Low and No Risk in the category of Misinformation. Zefr’s Atrium measurement suite is powered in large part by its acquisition last year of AI Misinformation company AdVerifai, which trains AI models based on global fact-checking organizations at scale.

Zefr has been investing in AI for more accurate and transparent suitability and safety measurement on platforms, and we’re excited to provide full GARM mapping with misinformation measurement on TikTok — the first platform to enable this globally. TikTok is a unique platform that has captured the imagination of the global culture and its growing importance to brand marketer media budgets can’t be understated. We are encouraged to be a badged partner as we continue empowering advertisers and agencies to better measure the content surrounding their messages on TikTok” said Andrew Serby, Chief Commercial Officer, Zefr.

At TikTok, we are committed to building a safe and positive environment where communities can express themselves and be entertained…we look forward to continued collaboration in providing transparency and confidence in TikTok’s ability to present brand messages in safe and suitable environments,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok.

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